Dr. Chad Montrie, Associate Professor of History, UMass Lowell, specializes in labor, immigration, environmental history, and history documentary filmmaking;

Professor Robert Forrant, History Department, UMass Lowell, has worked extensively with K-12 teachers and specializes in U.S. labor, economic, and immigration history.

Dr. Christoph Strobel, Assistant Professor of History, UMass Lowell, specializes in Native American history, immigration, and transnational history.

Professor Michael Pierson, History Department, UMass Lowell, specializes in ante-bellum America politics, reform, and gender.

Professor Heather Cox Richardson, of the History Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst specializes in 19th century American history and has lectured and written extensively on the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Professor Sean Condon, History Department, Merrimack College, specializes in early 19th century social and cultural history of the U.S.

Professor Dane Morrison, History Department, Salem State University, specializes in early American history, New England history, and the China Trade.

Matthew Garcia, Associate Professor, American Civilization, History, and Ethnic Studies, at Brown University, specializes in Chicano/Latino identity and community formation, race and ethnicity in the U.S, labor history, Latina/o education, American popular culture, and urban/suburbanization.

Professor Matthew Garcia, Matthew Garcia is Professor of Transborder Studies and History, and the director of Comparative Border Studies Program at Arizona State University.

Professor Heather Cox Richardson, Professor Richardson teaches nineteenth-century American history at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. Her early work focused on the transformation of political ideology from the Civil War to the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

Professor Rayvon Fouché, As a cultural historian of technology, Rayvon Fouché studies the nature and significance of engineering's impact on society and how social and cultural knowledge influence technological trust. 

Dr. Jennifer Lieberman, Ph.D., English, graduate minor in Gender and Women’s Studies, May 2011
Dissertation: “Power Lines: Electric Networks and the American Literary Imagination, 1870 – 1916”

Professor Patrick Malone, Patrick Malone's primary interests are the urban built environment and the history of industrial communities. He also does a great deal of work in public humanities, focusing on museum interpretation, park development, and the recording of engineering structures.

Professor Merritt Roe Smith, Merritt Roe Smith is the Leverett and William Cutten Professor of the History of Technology. His Ph.D. is from The Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on the history of technological innovation and social change.