Annual Colloquium on Research in Mathematics and Science Education

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Graduate School
of Education
Mathematics and Science Education Program

The Annual Colloquium on Research in Math and Science Education was initiated in 1996 to enhance the quality of graduate student research in education, to set expectations for intellectual interaction among educators as well as to create and sustain the spirit of sharing research findings. The major goals of the Colloquium are to foster expression of individual creativity and encourage scholarly contribution to the field, promote educational leadership and individual interest. The Colloquium is the great opportunity for those educators who are actively involved in their professional development.

Since 1997, each Colloquium has featured a keynote speaker

  • 1997 Dr. Carol Findell,             Boston University
  • 1998 Dr. Allan Feldman,          University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 1999 Dr. Katherine Merseth,   Harvard University
  • 2000 Dr. Rob Traver,               Simmons College 
  • 2001 Dr. Lillie Albert,               Boston College
  • 2002 Patricia Davidson,            University of Massachusetts Boston
  • 2003 Dr. Susan Doubler,          TERC/ Lesley College
  • 2004 Andee Rubin,                  TERC
  • 2005 William Leonard             University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 2006 Annalucia Schliemann     Tufts University
  • 2007 Dr. Hannah Sevian          University of Massachusetts Boston
  • 2008  Dr. Patricia Davidson     University of Massachusetts Boston




The first volume of the Colloquium Journal was published in 1997. The critical reflection is the integral component of the Colloquium Journal articles. The journal seeks articles (see the submission guidelines) that focus on effective research in Mathematics and Science Education together with exploration of the needs for future research.

Regina Panasuk, UMass Lowell

Assistant Editor
Jeff Todd, Graduate Student, UMass Lowell

Editorial Panel
Dr. Michelle Scribner- MacLean, UMass Lowell

Dr. Joyce Cutler, Framingham State College
Dr. James Kuchler,
Arizona State University

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Colloquium Journal Submissions

Educators, researchers and graduate students are invited to submit papers that will be presented at the Annual Colloquium on Research in Mathematics and Science Education and published in the Colloquium Journal. The papers must discuss issues and trends in Mathematics and Science Education. 


When submitting a paper, please use the following guidelines:


1.         Submit an electronic version of the paper and one hard copy, an abstract, approximately 150 words, and a biographical sketch, about 30 words. All pictures and diagrams must be submitted in a separate document.

2.         Use double spacing with one-inch margins.

3.         For references, diagrams, etc. follow the style described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), Fifth Edition.

4.         Paper length must not exceed 30 pages, including pictures, tables, figures, and list of      references.

5.         Paper must be received by November 30

6.         Authors are be notified about the status of their papers in January.

7.         The Colloquium is scheduled on first Thursday in April.


Specific guidelines:

 When preparing a research paper include:

a)         rationale and identification of the research question(s)

b)         conceptual framework or brief statement of relationship to the literature

c)         identification of research methodology

d)         summary of the analytical technique(s), if applicable

e)         summary of preliminary findings, if applicable

f)          conclusion and discussion.


Submit papers and correspondence to:

Dr. Regina M. Panasuk,

Professor of Mathematics Education

Graduate School of Education

University of Massachusetts Lowell,

61 Wilder Street, O’Leary 5th floor,

Lowell, MA 01854

Phone: (978) 934-4616, Fax (978) 934-3005,


Copies of the Colloquium Journal are available upon request.