1998 Annual Spring Colloquium Journal on Research in Mathematics and Science Education

College of Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Table of Contents


The Effectiveness of Using Computers to Teach Secondary School (6-12) Mathematics: A Meta-Analysis
James M. Kuchler, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Successful Concept Mapping and Multiple Intelligences: Is There a Connection?
Dorothy M. Burke, University of Masschusetts Lowell

Mathematical Conversations and the Conditions for Conceptual Change
Judy Clark & Joan D. Lukas, University of Massachusetts Boston

Peer Observations and Reflections with Preservice Elementary Science Teachers
Michelle Scribner-MacLean, University of Massachusetts Lowell

English Language Learners: Acquisition and Assessment of Content Knowledge
Hector N. Torres, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Structural Instability in Problem Solving
Bradford Allen, Keene State College, NH

The Development and Validation of a Taxonomy of Calculus I Studentsí Misconceptions Related to the Derivative and Applications of the Derivative
Maureen Kelley, Northern Essex Community College, MA

Transfer of Learning Middle School Mathematics and Science Classes
Lawrence Adler, Lesley College, Belmont Public Schools, MA

Educational Resources

Mathematica vs. Maple for the Mathematics Classroom
Bradford Allen, Keene State College, NH

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