1999 Annual Spring Colloquium Journal on Research in Mathematics and Science Education

Graduate School of Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Table of Contents


Concept formation: The Progression From the Concrete to the Abstract
Joyce Cutler, Framingham State College, MA

Hypermedia Environments, the World Wide Web, and Learning Theory
Linda McAlpine Setterlund, Massasoit Community College, MA

Summary Report of a Mate-analysis on the Effectiveness of Using Computers to Teach Secondary School (6-12) Mathematics
James Kuchler, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Using Rubrics in Elementary Science Education
Sandra BohlinBrdigewater State College, MA

Professional Development: Personal Growth and Student Learning
Rober Luce, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Alumni Connection: Commentary

Reflection on Mathematics Pedagogy and a View Toawrd the New Millenium
Bradford Allen, Keene State College, NH

Educational Resources

The Geometerís Sketchpad
Bradford Allen, Keene State College, NH

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